Autism Speaks Awards $105,000 to Improve Employment Access

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Autism Speaks


A graduate of Long Island University with a master of science in literacy education, Greg Gerkens has more than 10 years of experience in the field of education. Complementing his work in education, Greg Gerkens contributes to charitable organizations such as Autism Speaks.

Dedicated to advancing research on autism spectrum disorder and providing solutions that improve the lives of those on the spectrum, Autism Speaks recently awarded $105,000 through its Small Business Technical Assistance Awards. These awards serve to improve access to employment for those with autism, who are often either unemployed or underemployed. To address this issue, Autism Speaks has awarded funds to expand small business employment opportunities and entrepreneurship for those on the autism spectrum.

Through the Small Business Technical Assistance Awards, Autism Speaks connects employment consultants specializing in autism with job candidates and entrepreneurs, as well as with small business owners seeking to hire those with autism. To ensure the success of participants, the consultants offer guidance to entrepreneurs starting their own businesses as well as to those who find work through the program.